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JSC ECTL is one of the leading logistics companies in Lithuania engaged in cargo transportation services from Western Europe to the Baltic and CIS states capable to satisfy all and every demand for logistics services in compliance with the highest quality standards. Established in 2003, the Lithuanian capital company is proud of the increasing every year number of its customers, orders and has been constantly developing a sustainable and reliable network of partners in Western Europe thus earning a steady customers' trust and recognition.

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Our many years’ experience, constant logistics services market needs analysis, search for new opportunities and solutions and network of reliable partners not only allowed us to develop a permanent system of cargo transportation routes, offer our customers the best logistics solutions, but provided us an opportunity to respond to each customer's individual needs by proposing the most appropriate logistics schemes that best fits your personal needs.

Our team consists of highly qualified personnel having a great experienced in the field of logistics. Their professional skills will turn the transportation of your cargo to the activity that demands no worries. They will always advise you on and offer the best price and the best logistical solution.

For many years, we have been guided by the following basic principles of work, thanks to which we have been developing, growing and constantly improving the quality of our services all the time:

  • Expertise Thanks to our competent and experienced employees we can offer our customers the services that comply with the highest quality and safety standards as well as the most appropriate logistics solutions.
  • Responsibility. Having a great sense of responsibility, we have been exerting the maximum efforts in order to ensure that every cargo has achieved the desired objective on time, safely and without any worries.
  • Flexibility. We offer the most efficient logistics and financial solutions, the most appropriate cargo transportation routes and their schemes to each of our customers personally.
  • Stability. We always seek long-term and stable relationships with customers and partners.
  • Perfection. We never give up taking interest, searching for new solutions and achieving new goals.


We ship goods of various sizes from Western Europe to the Baltic and CIS states. Thanks to our many years’ experience, continuous development of transport infrastructure in Western Europe, the development of logistic solutions and the network of partners we are not only able to offer the best cargo transportation rates, but also to ensure that your goods always reach their destination on time and safely.

We take responsibility for your load, therefore we always follow the extremely high safety requirements. With our partners in many European countries, we can ensure that your cargo is looked after always and everywhere.

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One of most important directions of our activity is regular transportation of small cargo from Western Europe to the Baltic and CIS states. With a large network of reliable partners in Western Europe, we can assure you that, regardless of the size of your cargo, we will promptly and safely deliver it to the necessary place.

Since we collect small cargo from our partners’ terminals, we can offer you more attractive prices for its shipment, faster delivery times and responsible attendance of your cargo during the whole period of transportation. As we have a many years’ experience in transportation of small goods, we will also offer the most favourable cargo delivery scheme.

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In order to reduce cargo transportation costs, fuel consumption, avoid traffic congestion, traffic accidents or to achieve the most appropriate time of delivery, we may offer you multimodal transportation method. In multimodal cargo transportation, the whole logistics infrastructure becomes extremely important. Therefore, having a reliable network of partners, coordinated the work of terminals, warehouses, sea and airports, we perform multimodal cargo transportation without any troubles, in an organised manner, promptly and for an attractive price.

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We provide the local cargo transportation services throughout the territory of Lithuania. We quickly and safely collect cargo of various sizes in different cities and regions of Lithuania, and deliver it to necessary place at necessary time.

Providing the local cargo transportation services, we will:

  • offer the most appropriate cargo delivery route;
  • plan the delivery time taking into consideration your needs;
  • select the most appropriate means of transport according to the size and specifics of cargo (tarpaulin semitrailers, refrigerators, platforms, minibuses and etc.);
  • prepare all necessary documents;
  • consult and inform about the location of cargo in real-time mode.

Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions, prepare the appropriate cargo delivery scheme and provide the best commercial offer.


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  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Germany
  • CIS states
  • Russia


In order to deliver your goods to the right place quickly, safely and for an affordable price, and assuming all troubles in connection with transportation of cargo, we offer the following logistic services:

  • Customs agent’s services. We provide customer representation in customs services, prepare and fill in the necessary documents and consult on all procedures.
  • Warehousing services. We provide storage services for cargo of various purposes and sizes in common and customs warehouses. We also offer various additional services connected with warehousing.
  • Cargo insurance services. Since we pay a special attention to the safety of your cargo, we cover all vehicles with the CMR insurance, and, in special cases, we recommend additional insurance to cover the cargo.
  • Integrated logistics services (3PL). We perform all operations related to logistics, from transportation of your goods from the manufacturer to their delivery to the end user.

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Having a reliable network of partners, we can offer our custumers the best logistics solutions, a permanent system of cargo transportation routes, respond to each customer’s individual needs by proposing the appropriate solutions that best fits your personal needs.


Naujoji str. 3, LT-62119 Alytus, Lithuania

Company code: 226260530
VAT: LT262605314

Phone: +370 315 56176 / +370 315 20403
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