In order to deliver your goods to the right place quickly, safely and for an affordable price, and assuming all troubles in connection with transportation of cargo, we offer the following logistic services:

  • Customs agent’s services. We provide customer representation in customs services, prepare and fill in the necessary documents and consult on all procedures.
  • Warehousing services. We provide storage services for cargo of various purposes and sizes in common and customs warehouses. We also offer various additional services connected with warehousing.
  • Cargo insurance services. Since we pay a special attention to the safety of your cargo, we cover all vehicles with the CMR insurance, and, in special cases, we recommend additional insurance to cover the cargo.
  • Integrated logistics services (3PL). We perform all operations related to logistics, from transportation of your goods from the manufacturer to their delivery to the end user.

We provide these logistics services in order to perform all work associated with the movement of your cargo more efficiently and expeditiously, reduce service costs, protect you from the potential risks and concerns, give you the opportunity to concentrate on your basic activity.


In order to protect you from additional concerns related to frequently changing laws and customs formalities in the countries through which your goods are shipped, we offer professional customs agent’s services. Having a great knowledge in our field, laws and requirements of customs procedures and formalities, we will make sure that all procedures in respect to your cargo are performed appropriately and it is delivered to the right place on time.

We offer the following customs agent’s services:

  • preparation and filling of customs documents (import, export, transit declarations, TIR Carnet, CMR);
  • customer’s representation in customs when declaring goods for the necessary customs procedures;
  • provision of advice on customs formalities and permanent control of the performed procedures.


We believe that one of the most important parts of the logistics services package is warehousing. Having a time-tested and reliable warehousing partner and combining various logistics services, we can reduce your expenses and deliver your cargo under the most favourable conditions.

We provide warehousing services for storage of goods of various purposes and sizes in common and customs warehouses in a convenient geographical location, which ensures absolute safety of your cargo.

We offer you the following warehousing services:

  • 7,000 m² warehousing facilities furnished with state-of-the-art equipment with VISION 5 warehouse management system;
  • warehousing of goods for unlimited time;
  • warehousing of food products and products requiring temperature-controlled storage;
  • manual and power-driven loading of goods;
  • integrated yard management system, advance vehicle registration system;
  • packaging, repackaging, manual collection of goods as well as order batching;
  • marking, weighting, measuring and preparation for transportation of goods;
  • ability to connect remotely to the warehouse management system, see the balance of goods, form orders for delivery and dispatch;
  • strict work quality control (ISO certificates) and a team of qualified warehouse staff.


We provide cargo insurance services in order to protect you from losses related to cargo damage as well as partial or total loss of it during transportation. Thus you will reduce the possible risks and avoid both potential financial losses and disputes with business partners or carriers in case of damage.

We pay a special attention to the safety of your cargo. Therefore we cover all vehicles with the CMR insurance, and, in special cases, we always recommend additional insurance to cover the cargo. We provide mediation services in insuring your cargo with insurance companies. For those transporting large volumes of cargo covered by additional insurance we will offer particularly favourable insurance rates and conditions.


We provide integrated logistics services (3PL), which means that we perform all operations related to logistics – from transportation of your goods from the manufacturer to their delivery to the end user and invoicing.

Our many years’ experience, extensive network of partners as well as qualified and experienced staff allow us, after we have evaluated your needs and analysed the product flows, to offer you the most suitable logistics solutions, thus increasing the operational efficiency of product flows and reducing costs. Having taken over all logistics organisation works of your company, we will perform them more efficiently and let you concentrate on your basic activity.

We provide the following integrated logistics services (3 PL):

  • organisation of transportation of goods;
  • unloading, quantitative and qualitative check in accordance with the documents provided, sorting, weighting and registration of goods;
  • long-term and short-term storage of goods in common or customs warehouses;
  • labelling, marking, hand collection and packaging;
  • order batching, setting and preparation for transportation;
  • provision of customs agent’s services;
  • stock control and management;
  • cargo transportation process control;
  • delivery of goods to the final recipient.

Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions, prepare the appropriate cargo delivery scheme and provide the best commercial offer.


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